KTP Laser-Assisted Endoscopic Management of Glomus Tympanicum Tumors

Julia E. Noel, Hamed Sajjadi

Adult patients who had undergone endoscopic or endoscopic-assisted resection of a glomus tympanicum tumor by the senior author were selected. Successful resection was performed in all patients, exclusively via the ear canal in four of five patients. The KTP laser was used to address the tumor vascular supply, and two-handed tecniqued facilitated by attaching a neonatal feeding tube to the endoscope for use as a suction catheter. All Patients continue to be free of recurrence at a minimum of 12 months of follow up. Post operative audiograms demonstrated no significant adverse hearing outcomes in any patient.

The endoscopic trans-canal approach is a feasible and minimally invasive technique for addressing middle ear tumors. We have also described a method to allow the surgeon two-handed manipulation when using the KTP laser for glomus tympanicum tumor resection.