Unusual Presentations of Antrochonal Polyps in Adult Females

By June 8, 2019

Saleh, Hazem1
1 Otorhionolaryngology Unit, Laser Institute, Cairo University, Egypt.

Antrochoanal polyps are unilateral polyps that originate from the maxillary antrum and extend into the nasal cavity, choana and nasopharynx. The maxillary portion is mostly cystic while the nasal and choanal portions are usually solid. The exact pathogenesis of antrochoanal polyps is not fully known. Complete surgical removal of the nasal and antral portions of antrochoanal polyps is the standard treatment. The aim is to eradicate the polyp and to prevent its recurrence.

Here, we present two illustrative cases of antrochoanal polyps in adult females. Since the possibility of a concomitant pathology was raised, we explored the literature for the combination between antrochoanal polyps and other nasal pathologic entities, either inflammatory or neoplastic in origin. Many combinations were reported and are considered.
Both cases were managed by endoscopic surgery and were followed for more than six months. No recurrence was detected.

It is not true that antrochoanal polyps occur solely in young patients or exclusively in males. Antrochoanal polyps represent 33% of nasal polyps in childhood while representing 4–6% of nasal polyps in adults. The male to female preponderance is 4 to 1 thus, although rarely, antochoanal polyps occur in females.

Antrochoanal polyps can occur in adult females. Concomitant pathology should be excluded. Treatment of antrochonal polyps is by endoscopic surgery.