The Use of Cartilage in Endoscopic Ear Surgery: Our Experience

By June 7, 2019

Panetti, Giuseppe1; Maione, Nunzia1; Panetti, Maria1; Bonali, Marco2
1 San Paolo Hospital, Department of Otolaryngology, Napoli, Italia;
2 Policlinico di Mondena, Department of Otolaryngology, Modena, Italia

The wide use of cartilage in Middle Ear Surgery is due to its biocompatibility, reliance and resistance. Also, thanks to its elasticity the cartilage is used even in the ossiculoplasty, as columella. In EES the use of tragus cartilage is particularly useful as it minimizes skin incision.

Video presentation of several cases of EES

We show our experience in addressing different pathological circumstances with the use the cartilage

  • to reconstruct the tympanic membrane in subtotal perforation;
  • as columella on the stapedial superstructure during the treatment of a Stage 4  mesotympanic retraction pocket presenting an eroded incus;
  • to reconstruct the scutum after atticotomy in cholesteatoma surgery;
  • to stabilize the shaped incus in ossiculoplasty  and to avoid synostosis with promontory and fallopian canal.

The use of cartilage in EES can provide better results.