Pros and Cons of Using EXOSCOPE ORBEYE™ for Microscopic Otologic Surgery

By June 7, 2019

Kanzaki,Sho1; Nishiyama, Takatsune1; Hosoya, Makoto1; Noguchi,Masaru1; Suzuki, Narihisa1; Oishi, Naoki1; Fujioka, Masato1; Ogawa, Kaoru1
1 Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, ​Keio University.

To evaluate the pros and cons of using one of newly developed exoscope, ORBEYE™(Olympus Company), during otologic surgery.Patients and methods: ORBEYE™ use in 8 otologic surgeries was retrospectively assessed by 6 surgeons after the procedure. A questionnaire of 20 questions was designed and used for evaluation.

Compared the microscope,“usefulness as an educational tool” was scored the highest, whereas as exoscope replacement of conventional binocular microscope in all the tympanoplasty or stapes surgery was scored the lowest.The same questions have been already asked by neurosurgeons. The question that the otologists gave a higher score than the neurosurgeons is “easier to perform surgery from a position of an assistant with exoscope compared with conventional binocular microscope.”On the contrary, the question that neurosurgeons gave a higher score is “space of operative theater is easily managed.”

The advantages of the EXOSCOPE are the better quality of images or movie and better educational tools. We believe the ORBEYE or EXOSCPE could be of additional help to use.