Practical Guide for Ovine Middle Ear Dissection: A Simple Way for Training

By June 7, 2019

Eid, Waleed1
1 Department of ORL-Head and Neck Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University, Egypt.

There are many ways of simulation to educate the beginners the skills of endoscopic ear surgery. One of the most helpful methods is the endoscopic dissection of the ovine ears that was created by Modena team (Anschuetz,2017). The author attended an endoscopic dissection laboratory with hands on ovine modelin Bologna-Italy during the 2nd congress of the EWGEES in April 2017. He moderated 2 workshops with hands on endoscopic dissection of ovine ears in Egypy in 2017.

This video is demonstrating the dissection of the ovine ears that are resembling the human ones. the author used a 2.7 mm and 11 cm length zero  endoscope. According to Bologna course, 3 tasks were performed, tympanomeatal flap elevation, ossiculoplasty and tympanoplasty.The previous 3 tasks were performed and 2 tasks were added in this video that are facial nerve decompression and stapedotomy. Also, the video contains an illustrated view for the anatomy of the middle ear of the sheep. The age of the sheep used was more than 6 months and their auricles were cut with performig 3 stitches in the carilagenous part of the external auditory canal ti widen the meatus.

The simulation is an effective way to make the beginners get the skills of the endoscopic ear. one of the best way of the simulation is the use of the ovine ear especially in developing counteries because of the low cost.

The use of ovine ears in training of EES offers an easy, applicable and helpful way for this purpose .