Middle Cranial Fossa, Transtemporal and Transcanal Endoscopic Approach for the Surgery of Petrous Apex Lesions: Indications and Limits

By June 7, 2019

Soloperto, D.1; Marchioni, D.1
1 ENT Department, AOUI Verona

Petrous apex is a really challenging anatomical area for the surgeon and different lesions may arise or involve from it. In literature different surgical approaches are described, with well established advantages and limitations. Recently, the introduction of the endoscope in ear surgery has permitted to develop new minimally invasive corridors for the petrous apex, in particular the transcanal infracochlear route. The aim of this study was to value the surgical management of petrous apex lesions in our tertiary referral center, focussing on pros and contra of all procedures.

Retrospective chart review of all patients affected by petrous apex lesions and that underwent surgery.

Petrous apex lesions are complex to evaluate and to treat. In infracochlear approach it’s possible to remove the pathology,with minimally invasive approach, preserving the hearing of the patient.

Best results are obtained with correct indications and proper execution of the technique. In all these cases a multidisciplinary approach is mandatory to avoid dangerous complications.