Incus Route, A New Route To Cochlear Implant Surgery Using Endoscope

By June 7, 2019

Meira, Adriano1; Cavalcanti, Natalia2
1 Residence program Chief ,SOS OTORRINO, João Pessoa, PB, Brazil;
2 ENT, SOS OTORRINO, João Pessoa, PB, Brazil.

To describe a new access technique for performing the cochlear implant in adults and children without the need for posterior tympanotomy and all made using endoscope

103 cochlear implant sugerys, case review, the patients are from Paraíba State , selected in choclear implant surgery program. In the patients, the posterior incision was made in the mastoide, antrostomy, to make the electrode placement using a natural route between the incus, that would guide the electrode, and the lateral semicircular canal, performing the placement through endoaural incision, lifting the tympanic membrane, endoscopic and directly in the round window in a 0 degree insertion angle .This study was made to test the total endoscopical route .

The sample included 51 children, the youngest at 1 year of age, and the first case was carried out bilaterally at about 4 years and 50 adulte . The results are similar to conventional technique, however with scar and reduced recovery time and no facial monitor used Conclusion : Both the technique and the results, in addition to the minimal risks of facial nerve damage, seem to us quite promissory.