Endoscopic Mastoid Revision after Canal Wall Down Procedure

By June 6, 2019

Calgaro, Nicola1; Pagano, Giuseppe2
1 Feltre Hospital ENT -Department, Feltre, Italy.

Canal wall down procedure is an effective tecnique for cholestetoma treatment that sometimes can achieve a self cleaning ear; most of the times s patients need periodic controls in order to remove skin debris from mastoid.

In some cases, if posterior canal wall was not correctly flattened, it is impossible to manage the cavity, even with endoscopic approach: this condition leads to retention cholesteatoma and eventually to revision surgery.

In this video we present a retention cholesteatoma case treated with residual canal wall endoscopic assisted burring.

Without endoscopic view it is quite impossible to esplore this kind of cavity, specially when the intervention was  performed without meatoplasty and a portion of posterior canal wall is left in place.

This simple approach avoids retroauricolar incision and shortens healing period; furthermore, it ensures that obtained anatomy will be appropriate to an outpatient management.