Endoscopic Ear Surgery Tympanoplasty and Beyond

By June 7, 2019

Shah, Hardik V1
1 Department of ENT AND Head and Neck Surgery, GMERS Medical College and Civil Hospital, Sola, Ahmedabad, India.

Endoscopic ear surgery has become sought after technique among the young ENT SURGEONS in this part of the world. the use of endoscope had been sort of awakening in the approach to all middle ear surgery. . BYPASS OF EXTERNAL EAR (TUNNEL) TO SEE DIRECLY END OF THE TUNNEL(MIDDLE EAR) to see anatomy in the panoramoic view is the advantage.

We regularly use endoscope for performing  various types of ear surgeries under local and general anaesthesia since last two years. the technique used is single handed endoscopic ear surgery procedure. the instruments used are same micro instruments used for routine microscopic ear procedure

endoscopic one handed technique is very helpful in getting better results for ear surgeries with minimal tissue damage and maximun visualisation of the all the requisite structures need to be manipulated with instruments.
We have done various ear surgeries with one handed endoscopic technique which includes tympanoplasties ( advatage is avoiding post aural scar), mastoid surgeries (avoiding canal wall down procedure), grommet insertion. stapes surgery  (excellent visualisaion of footplate area) and glomus tympanicum ( stepping stone for minimally invasive lateral skull base surgery). The most promising aspect of the endoscopic approach is the great enhancement in visualisation of various middle ear and middle ear cleft ear  structures with great precision and illumination. The approach gives minimal post operative morbodity and  hospitalisation to the patients, many times avoiding application for large mastoid bandages.

The Endoscopic Ear Surgery  has greatly evolved since last one decade and has the potential  to replace / augment microscopic ear surgery in days to come.