Endoscopic Ear Surgery in Uruguay. Experience in 4 Years

By June 7, 2019

Percovich, Jose1; Gratadoux Camila1; Costas Gustavo1
1 Hospital de Clinicas, Faculty of Medicina, Republic University, Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Montevideo, Uruguay.

In these years we have begun to use endoscopy as a complement of microscope in ear surgery. We have found that for young othorrinolaringolyst  this is a way better to start to understand the anatomy of the middle ear. In this work we show the typical surgeries of a young otologist.

To perform these surgeries we use a 3mm by 110 mm endoscope`. We started with chronic perforation without tymphanomeatal flap, in same cases with local anesthesia. In cases of reconstruction of ossicular chain we use autograft. The stapedectomy was the last step in our experience.

The results of the surgeries in timpanoplasty we think they are similar in comparison with a microscope. Endoscope has the benefits of not making an incision. In estepadectomy we didn’t find any significant difference with the microscope technique. In approach to the middle ear the visualization of the anatomic structures are better than the microscope technique.

In the learning process of an otologist the use of the endoscope is useful in the approach of the middle ear anatomy as well as common  surgeries techniques.