Chopstick Techniques in Endoscopic Ear Surgery – An Alternatives for Single Handed Operation

By June 7, 2019

Chang, Wai Tsz1; Tong, Michael Chi Fai1
1 Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

To describe new techniques of chopstick technique of holding instruments their clinical outcomes in difficult cases to whom the access may offer an advantage.

Recent findings :
We describe a new surgical technique in endoscopic ear surgery. Chopsticks technique can be one of the solution of single handed operation in endoscopic ear surgery. It can be easily switch to single instrument operation from double instruments operation. Two sharp increments, can act as to cut, to dissect, to pinch, and to grab by different movements.

The chopsticks technique is practical and effective to overcome the challenges faced in the process of endoscopic ear surgery. It is one of the solutions to single handed operation in endoscopic ear surgery. It can reduce the changeover of instruments and shorten operation duration.