Lance Jackson, MD is the director of the Ear Institute of Texas in San Antonio, Texas.  He has an engineering background and has a particular interest in surgical devices and their use in caring for patients.  He completed a neurotology fellowship with the Ear Research Foundation in Florida, and then stayed two additional years as the Director of Medical Education for the fellowship program before returning to his home town of San Antonio.  During his time at the Ear Research Foundation, he had the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Herb Silverstein.  During his fellowship, he was able to learn office-based otologic techniques through the use of the endoscope, which he has continued into his otology practice.  He also had the opportunity to co-author a book entitled “Minimally Invasive Otological Surgery” with Dr. Silverstein, Dr. Seth Rosenberg, and Dr. Dennis Poe.

Dr. Jackson completed an electrical engineering degree at MIT, completed medical school at Washington University, and completed otolaryngology residency at Stanford.  He had the opportunity to work in the engineering arena before attending medical school.  He has contributed to over 20 peer-reviewed journal articles and multiple book chapters.  He has presented at numerous International meetings and courses, including on the topic of minimally invasive techniques to treat ear disease.  He has enjoyed going on mission trips, including to Honduras, Calcutta India, and has one planned to Rwanda during summer 2019.  Endoscopes can be applied as a potential asset on mission trips.

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