Dr Domenico Villari is a consultant surgeon at ENT Department of University Hospital of Modena, Italy, where he works as an otologist and neurotologist. His main areas of interest include the development of endoscopic ear surgery and hearing implants
He is an active member of the International Working Group on Endoscopic Ear Surgery (IWGEES) since 2012, promoting discussion and research into the use of endoscopes in ear surgery.
He has regularly been an invited speaker and faculty at numerous international Endoscopic Ear Surgery courses and meetings including USA, Egypt, Switzerland, Japan
He was the Scientific Secretary of The Second World Congress n Endoscopic Ear Surgery held in Bologna in 2017
He had presented at many national and international meetings, published 20 articles in international scientific journal
He performed more than 200 Endoscopic Ear Surgery Procedures
He is actively involved with education of ENT residents, fellow and medical students in Modena University

Faculty: Main Program