Full Professor in Otolaryngology
Director of the Specialty School in otorhinolaryngology of the University of Verona
Director of Operative Unit of Otolaryngology of Verona
President and Director of the Speech Therapy Degree of the University of Verona
Chairman of the second world congress on endoscopic ear surgery
Chairman on the first congress on “Innovative prospective in Acoustic Neuroma Surgery”

He graduated and specialized in Otolaryngology at the University of Modena (Italy)
12 years he is dealing with microscopic and exclusive endoscopic surgery in the districts of the skull base and ear; It is also responsible for more cancer surgery of the head and neck.
He has performed more than 6,000 surgical operations, in particular the case of high complexity procedures performed in multiequipe for the treatment of skull base pathology, middle ear endoscopic surgery and neuromas dell’acustico, endoscopic treatments for diseases of the anterior skull base with extra and intracranial extension, and complex surgical treatments for cancer of the head of districts and neck cancers.
He is a founding member of ‘IWGEES (International Working Group for Endoscopic Surgery Ear) and collaborates with leading international hospital and university structures.
He has performed its training and surgical activity at the complex structure ospedialiero-University of Modena, where he developed the surgical anatomy and physiology concepts underpinning existing approaches transcanalar exclusive middle and inner ear endoscopic, Anatomical-physiological These concepts have been published on most important and prestigious journal of otology and thanks to these studies have been initiated numerous practical courses for the teaching of endoscopic technique in the world at the most prestigious international universities.
He has performed as a team with Professor Presutti the first transcanalar endoscopic approaches ear average in Italy for the treatment of cholesteatoma.
Thanks to several years of study and numerous anatomical and dissectors studies performed at numerous foreign universities prestigious Professor Marchioni with Professor Presutti encoding transpromontoriale minimally invasive approach for the treatment of acoustic neuromas localized at the level of the internal auditory canal and the endoscopic transcanalar approach to  lateral eskull base.
He codified  the first totally endoscopic approaches for the treatment of acoustic neuromas and for tumors of the facial nerve.
He performed the first cochlear implants for the treatment of endoscopic assisted profound hearing loss in middle ear malformation syndromes, codifying the way assisted endoscopic suprameatale.
He published the first international book on the endoscopic treatment of ear disease and acoustic neuromas and lateral skull base.
He is teacher and faculty at several international centers and holds workshops in many countries (USA, Brazil, Japan, Glasgow, Singapore, India, UAE, Australia, Turkey and many others) to spread the endoscopic technique in ear surgery and the lateral skull base.